Setting up rear-hub eBike for loaded touring


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Hi - I have done some multi-day and long loaded bike tours, all self-powered. Getting older and losing power up those hills, so I got an Orbea Gain to dip my toe into the eBike world. It's great, works as it should and is relatively comfortable for longer day rides. I would like to do some multi-day tours with it, carefully choosing my route and overnights to allow for recharging, but the bike "as is" is not touring ready. It's a carbon frame, and there are no eyelets on the front carbon fork to allow for front panniers. The rear doesn't really allow for a traditional frame mounted rack either. I could use a seat mounted bikepacking type rig in back and a good sized handlebar bag up front, but that doesn't give me enough volume to pack what I need, including tent, sleeping bag, pad, clothing, tools, spare tubes, etc.. I also worry about putting too much weight behind the seat because the hub motor already makes the bike heavier in the back than normal, and concern would be handling. A frame bag isn't really a good option either because it takes away two bottle cage mounts for carrying extra water.

Does anyone have experience touring with a trailer on this particular system (or similar 250 watt rear hub)? I think towing a trailer, even a lightweight single wheel like a BOB, is going to eat up power which would necessitate bringing along the optional 190 watt range extender (or maybe 2). But that's dragging even more weight, and at some point it becomes a vicious cycle (no pun intended). And even with me doing a big chunk of the pedaling, is a 250 watt rear hub motor going to give me enough torque to move, the bike, the trailer and the gear...up hills? I would love to make this work, and not have to buy another eBike dedicated to occasional touring.
You should be able to do fine with just a 250w bike, as long as you keep what you carry reasonably light.

I'd say that with judicious gear choices you should be able to get your total carry weight to 25-30lbs, and probably to less than 20lbs. At those levels weight distribution isn't going to be as critical either.

You should be able to carry all that with a good handlebar roll and a nice saddlebag.
A frame bag isn't really a good option either because it takes away two bottle cage mounts for carrying extra water.
A lot of space there for a frame bag, maybe some extra lateral fixings added to it though because of the carbon (straps around seat stays/tube, head tube/stem, etc), and why can't you put the water in the frame bag?
Towing a BOB is not that bad. I like it because it takes the weight off the bike that can affect overall handling plus if you get to a secure location it's easy to drop off and ride around un-emcumbered,

A top tube bag for stuff necessary during the day as well as a chuck bucket, neither of which needs braze-ons and you are good to go.