BH emotion Neo Cross 36v battery /charging issue


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I has strange issue with battery and i looked earlier discussions in this forum and found out some similar issues, but not exacly same problem:
display show error 13 (I tried clean connectors as adviced here)
next day; display was "dead": I measured battery voltage was first day 40.6v and next day its should be enought to wake up display, but not.
Then I feed ~42V directly (from orginal charger) to bike frame connectors; display start
I try charge battery with charger, its not charge: even charger output ~42v.
I tried reset battery ( small button inside battery), but nothing happend.
Looks that battery has right voltage, but not give current Out or not allow charge current In.
(ps. battery has one output signal to display to indicate battery energy level, I saw from youtube video, that its should be 10v in case of full battery, i have 0v (also after battery reset).
Any advice?
some updates (18.6); now battery output is decreased to 4volts, so the voltage (~39v) mentioned above, was some static voltage (capasitors?)
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Looks that chip (PIC 16F690) in BMS board damaged and caused the problem i wrote above. Chip has also integrated EEPROM, so I wondering does it include pre-programmed software or does EEPROM only for "daily use". If there is software, its not help to install new chip. Do we have any group member who changed that chip? (or does anyone found company who selling BMS for BH Easy Motion Neo?)


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