Best way to lock a folding ebike?


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Hi all,

I'm sorry if this question has been asked before. I'm thinking about getting a folding ebike such as the Voltbike Urban or the Epik SE. I am just wondering your guys' opinion on what type of lock to get (links to buy would be appreciated!) and the best way to lock these folding bikes since their frames are unique. If it helps, I would be parking in a low-crime area, but I would still like the peace and comfort of a more secure lock. Thank you guys so much!!
Thank you for your reply galvinro! I will keep those brands in mind. However, I am actually more wondering on the best type of lock to get (chains vs u-lock) and how to best use that lock to lock a folding ebike such as the Voltbike Urban.
Get a solid lock that can lock the frame to a bike rack or post. I would not use chains or cables to secure the bike frame to a solid object, although those can help secure the wheels from a quick snatch and grab - bolt cutters can get through most cables and chains too quickly.

Of course anyone with an angle grinder can make quick work of any lock, but a cable or chain will not cause as much of a delay as a solid lock - thieves don't want to call attention to themselves, and spending more time to grind through a lock means more risk and danger of getting caught.

I bought an Altor 560G Titanium folding lock to secure the frame+rear wheel to a post (actually bought a two pack which lets me combine them and secure two bike frames and their rear wheels to a post or rack). I only use a kryptonite cable to secure the front wheels to the lock, to make it harder to quickly release and steal the front wheels.

I also considered the Kryptonite NY U-lock and the TiGR-mini titanium lock, but would still use a cable to secure the wheels (although the larger TiGR can secure front and rear wheels and frame to a post, it might not fit a folding bike). I decided the Kryptonite would be too heavy at 4.5lbs vs 1.2lbs for a good Ti lock. My Ti lock will ruin half a dozen blades on a sawzall or hacksaw before they get through, and no bolt cutter or pry-bar can get through it either.
Horrible experience with Kryptonite locks! :mad:
I've had my new $133 Kryptonite 999492 14mm x 60" (1415) New York Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc Lock for two weeks and used it a few times with success.
Last weekend I had great trouble getting the lock locking hasp to open fully in order to insert the u-shaped shackle. It took about 20 minutes of carefully and repeatedly inserting the keys, poking my pinky finger into the lock holes to press on the partially stuck mechanism, and sending atheist prayers to the bike gods that don't exist. ;)I finally got the damn thing to open.
Today I the keys won't open the lock at all and my $2,000 ebike is stuck.:mad::mad::mad:
I've tried all three keys to no avail. I called today (Saturday) and of course there's no one there to help me out of this desperate situation.
I'll continue my attempts this weekend while I wait for Kryptonite representatives to respond.
I too have had Kryptonite U-locks freeze up on me and refuse to open. I gave them away each time, warning the new owner. You could try spraying all kinds of lubricants into the lock in various spots, to try to free up the mechanism. Also after lubricating, have someone beat it with a rubber mallet while you try to unlock it, in case that pops the stuck mechanism. Sorry for your trouble.
I too are in the market for a lock for a folding bike. Just got two of the new improved ejoe SE's and want to protect them. Thinking a U lock is the way to go but not sure how it will fit my bike. I am ordering removable pedals though and trashing the folding pedals. As a buddy told me, tougher to walk with a stolen bike than pedal away. So ideas on locks and where to put them is appreciated. Thx