BBSO2 Service


I have a Bafang BBSO2 750w mid drive mounted on my Bacchetta recumbent. I don't use a throttle just pedal assist. After 4800 miles I serviced the motor mainly just checking and applying grease. I found one of the thrust bearings on the main thru shaft bad. I replaced the thrust bearing and applied grease to all gears and bearings. It looks like the Bafang drive unit will last a very very long time. I have collected a number of spare parts just in case but it looks like they won't be needed. At 10,000 miles I plan on doing another service.
Nearly two years in, would you still recommend the BBS02? Which Bacchetta do you have? My plan is for motorizing my Giro and I read differing opinions on the motor weight up high on the boom.