Battery life in hot climates

Bosch is pretty good with warranty replacements. My friend had a battery failure at 3600 miles and it was replaced. No questions asked. Their diagnostic software is very useful as it provides all kinds of data.
3600 miles sounds like 20-50 cycles again. Unless this has changed in recent years, Bosch warrant 500 cycles or 2 years, whatever comes first.That's why they need to keep track of cycles, to make sure you're below the magic number. It's nice to have 2 years warranty if you are Ok with Bosch systems, willing to pay for this and live reasonably close to dealer.
I also live in Florida but on the Southwest coast so on top of the high heat the humidity here is insane. I'm assuming that humidity in the 80-100% range is also bad for the battery, but I've never read or seen anything about this so does anyone know if high humidity is also a problem?.
Old question. and late reply. 40 years ago, I managed a team that did environment testing. Being a mangy manager, I didn't know nothing, but one of the engineers explained that humid air cooled worse than dry air. The guys would put gear into chambers at 120% RH, 110F and we wanted the printers to run almost 24/7 without paper jams. In the ebike case, at 20 mph air flow on a plastic case ... it's tougher in theory, but unless you run a monster motor, I wouldn't worry.
Are there e-bike models where the battery can be removed and carried / stored in the house?

I've read through the three pages and unless I missed it many posts are for battery heat when the e-bike is being used / being ridden. Being in southern Nevada where garage temperatures get pretty high ( 120F / 48.9C ), that's my concern. E-bikes seem too heavy to bring in the house after a ride, like my regular bicycle.

I'm not a commuter so riding in the heat - say driving to work and parking, is not ( too much of ) an issue. I do volunteer work, but that's a few hours once a week.

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Most ebike batteries are removable and can be stored and charged in the house
Can you name 4 or 5 models? I did see the Specialized Turbo Vado has a model that is 33 lb. I could store that in the house no problem.

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