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Hello everyone,

About 4 months ago, I bought a BAFANG M620 motorised bike with two 48V batteries on the Alibaba website. You can see the details of the bike by following this link:

However, one persistent problem caused me some frustration. My DCP18 screen has stopped working twice, most recently just two months ago. The problem occurs specifically when I'm using the throttle without pedalling. I'm accelerating, suddenly release the throttle and the screen goes blank.

When I hold down the start button while pressing the accelerator pedal, the engine seems to accelerate, but the screen remains hopelessly black. As soon as I let go of the start button, everything stops.

The first time this happened, I managed to solve the problem by installing a new screen. However, I'm afraid the problem will happen again. I am looking for suggestions for a more permanent solution, or perhaps recommendations for a specialist technician who could help me solve this problem. I live in the north of France.

Thank you in advance for your help and advice!

Yours faithfully
I'm curious. You say the display has stopped working twice, and that one of those 2 times you replaced the display and it was back to normal. How did you fix the problem the second time?