Are all bafang cranks crooked?


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I think all bafang conversion kits are made wrong. If you look at the crankarm centering it seems the cranks stick out much futher on the driveside. I am also running a 68mm bb with no spacers... meaning if you got anything wider it would stick out even more. Do you notice the same thing? It would make set if it were offset the other way, this way you can make it even by adding spacers.
I've asked a similar question on ES, my question was "how much wider are the cranks compared to a "normal" bike ?" I got a detailed answer, basically it is "about 10mm wider, and yes it it is on the right side, about the width of the final drive gear. I don't think 10mm is going to be noticeable, I mean are your feet always centered on the pedals ? probably not.