Appreciation of the throttle


I have had my Evo Jet for some months now and just passed 1000 miles. I have been learning the differences between riding a regular vs. e-bike. When I first got the bike, I tried the throttle, didn't really see the point, and didn't use if for a few months. Now that the weather has turned hot and muggy, I am using the throttle on much of my way to work so that I arrive fresh and not "moist". I do wish that I did not have to reduce the pedal assist to off to be able to use the throttle, but am learning to adjust down while I turn the throttle on, thus minimizing slowing down much in the transition.

I bought my e-bike so that I could get to work faster and wouldn't have to change my clothes (thus saving time and hassle). I am very, very happy with the result.