Another Noob saying hello.

Hugh Caldwell

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I've just gotten interested in electric bicycles and will be asking for purchasing advice in the appropriate forum.

I currently own a LeMond Tourmalet which I haven't ridden in 10+ years and 3 motorcycles which I've ridden over a sizable chunk of the planet. I've recently decided to sell all of my possessions and to live on a boat and do a circumnavigation of the globe. It was a yachting video that got me interested in electric bicycles. Besides helping fill the motorcycle shaped hole in my life and providing practical transportation off the boat, I'm hoping it will also help save me some money on my commute (I spend over $200 a month on tolls alone) 90% of which can be done on the W&OD bicycle trail in Northern VA. The health aspects of riding are just icing on the cake.

I hope to one day live in a place that 90% of my commute is on a bike trail. Although I shouldn't complain, I live two blocks from my store.

Sounds like you're in for some fun with ebikes though :)
I'm lucky to live where 90% of my commute is on a bike trail, Minneapolis. We have a fantastic bike path infrastructure. Good luck with your boat adventure. I used to sail in San Francisco and it is amazing. The draw of a long journey or living on a boat never leaves once you experience the ocean!
I would check out folders as she recommends and a waterproof bag for it - the sea and salt wrecks drivetrains.