A tale of two Apollos

Just an update. We still love our bikes. As I posted in a couple threads, my wife's bike ran into some problems I eventually (too late) traced to the metal grommet on the internal wire hole being sharp and cutting though some wires, shorting out 2 displays and the motor controller. Luna fixed the controller in less than a week, took more than a week to box it up and send it back, but charged only $150 including FedX return shipping. Which is great considering GreenBikeKit wants $150 plus shipping from China just for a new (non-ludicruous) controller board.

I mentioned above I was about to try a 48 tooth front chain ring. That worked out really well (stayed with Wolf Tooth Drop-Stop) as long as I set the chain length properly at sag position. I had made by wife's bike chain slightly long, so removed a pair of links from that and so far that seems to have improved shifting.

More recently, tires were worn, so I've replaced the Maxxis Chronicles with Johnny Watts at the 2.8 width. Threw away the compressed Tannus Armour inserts, what a pain it is to constantly deflate/reinflate the tires. Nabbed a 30% off sale on RockShox AXS Reverb wireless droppers (plus no sales tax!) and bought a couple - we love them, even with the remote mounted above the right hand shifter. And not having a cable means I can easily move my post up and down depending on whether I'm using the rear rack or not. Also upgraded the lead bike light to a Cygolite Ranger 1400 front light and the rear bike to a Cygolite Hypershot 350 since traffic is, well, US drivers that usually don't pay attention or actively don't believe bikes belong on roads. We're doing less and less off-road stuff as we get older, but the full suspension and wider tires are welcome for our aging bodies even on pavement and we can't use a suspension seat post with droppers.

BTW, how is Watt Wagons doing with the Hydra?