65% OFF! 20" Foldable Eike MF-19 From Maxfoot

Allen William

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Hi there,

The most streamlined 20-inch fat tire electric folding bike from Maxfoot in the market is launching on Indiegogo tomorrow. Now we start the good selling E-bike season,don't miss the huge discount : 65% OFF,shop now and expand your business,making it one of the most affordable e-bike options available.

Launch Time: Tuesday, April 23rd, at 7am PT.

What is Maxfoot MF-19?

We spent 3 years researching and designing a hydroforming frame of an ebike. The super streamlined (yet rugged looking folding e-bike is designed to integrate environmental protection and intelligence for your electrified lifestyle.

What about suspension? Yes,MF-19 has full suspension.
1. Front and rear suspension for smooth riding;
2. Extra comfort for the lower back;
3. Built to handle off-road adventures;
4. Front suspension: Adjustable preload to match weight and riding style;
5. Mechanical lock-out for riding om smooth roads

The most different selling point of Maxfoot in this market is the Newlest Second Generation rear suspension: Six-bar linkage rear suspension, horizontal and vertical suspension movement, making Maxfoot a true soft-tail electric bicycle.

Grab your e-bike at the newly launched Indiegogo!Add the launch date to your google calendar!

More details please kindly check our IGG link below:

Hopefully we could reach more business together.

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Direct Tel: 8183056122
You're wrong Allen, now we start the good riding season, not the good IGG selling season when you get your bike for next season!