36V 250W Patented Stark Drive Gear-less hub motor

When I clicked on the indie gogo link in stark's website, it stated that stark is under review by the Trust and Safety team.
It's a gear drive they may have come up with a different design than the tried and true everyone else is using. Also remember that many if not most Sondors buyers end up upgrading their disappointing batteries for range and other functional upgrades most find necessary quickly raise the base price. $399 will not get much. A good quality kits and battery is twice that.
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Gee , T Y , Thomas , I just recovering from a heart attack at 70 yrld , and Doc says get exercise and bike riding is fine . On Social Security , so my ebike budget is v small , but I need transport of about 4 miles to my sailboat and then back , this Summer . Other inexpensive ebikes I am considering are , Ancheer 26" folding , x-treem folding Baja , and the Arsenal folding ebike . I do not currently have a regular bike that can be upgraded with a kit , ouch !

Reading the ebike reviews and this forum , has been a tremendous help to educating me , and I am truly greatful that so many ebikers are willing to share their hard won experience and knowledge with us newbe's .

BTW , what are user feelings about those "Mag Wheel" type wheels ? Are they more durable than regular wire spokes , and are there any other advantages to them ?