2016 Pedego Interceptor IV


Greetings EBR Community,

I've been hearing through the grapevine that a Pedego Interceptor IV is expected to be released sometime in 2016? Including an internally geared hub for cleaner less frequent tuneups, a front-end motor for much better balanced weight distribution, a carbon belt drive for a more durable (less likely to fall off track) and just an overall much quieter/cleaner ebike.

Any merit to this rumor? If so, during what month of 2016 can we expect the Pedego Interceptor IV to be released and available for sale?

Thanks for your support and we are looking forward to hearing from the EBR Community "Underground Experts" on this one! =)

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Christopher, just so you know, most internally geared hubs are not meant to handle the torque of an electric motor. They are very expensive to work on when they break and many/most local bike shops are NOT equiped or trained to work on them. Non riders overrate problems with derailleurs.
Hi MLB ! :)

Thanks so much for shedding some light as to what may (or may not) occur when combining an internally geared hub with an electric bicycle.

Has anyone in the EBR community had an internally geared ebike break on them? Then, have a difficult time finding a capable bike shop and/or require expensive parts/labor for repairs? (Maybe someone recently purchased the Pedego Latch and had one or all of these concerning issues happen to them?) o_O

Thanks again for sharing MLB.

Cheers !! :D
Actually, some designs are pairing the NuVinci Harmony infinitely variable hub with the higher power Bafang mid drive motors (one conversion done with Gates Belt drive) with tremendous success. The more common setup with lower power front hub motors utilizes a 3 or 5 speed Shimano Nexus hub, generally chain drive though and these are easy to adjust! Good YouTube videos for help on that.