1. C

    Hello from the Coachella Valley!

    A Quick hello from La Quinta, Ca in the Coachella Valley. My wife and I are new E-Bike owners, enjoying our Pedego bikes. We purchased these at our local Pedego dealer here in La Quinta about 3 weeks ago and are already going in for our 100 mile tuneup. Having fun everyday. Planning our next...
  2. foleymo

    Anyone have the new Pedego Avenue yet?

    Hi there! I'm new to ebike ownership, or at least I will be when I pick up my new Pedego Avenue on Friday! The only other experience I have with ebikes are a bike with a Copenhagen Wheel that a friend lent me, and a couple days with my pal's Tern GSD. Last weekend I test rode the Avenue, and...
  3. M

    Pedego upgrades

    I have done some upgrades to my 2018 Pedego City Commuter. 203mm disk rotors, 52V 20Ah Unit Power battery. I would like to put a suspension front fork on. We ride mainly on the street and the many excellent bike trails here in Henderson, NV. I have over 7000 miles on this bike.
  4. pualine

    PEDEGO RECALLS SOME BIKES I guess many other brands will need to recall their e-bikes as these are common connectors being used by many brands
  5. Woobatron

    Upgrade 36v to 48v

    Hello, My sister recently bought an older Comfort Cruiser, I think it might be the first generation. The throttle has a green, yellow and red LED for battery charge level. The battery is silver and slides in on top of the pannier rack. It was shutting off under high load, going up hills...
  6. A

    Pedego vs Gazelle

    Hey, Forum, I'm debating between the Pedego City Commuter and the Gazelle Arroyo Elite. I'm located in the DC area and they're both around the same price but the Pedego shop experience was way better than the City Bikes experience. I was initially leaning towards the Gazelle until I test drove a...
  7. M

    Virtually Brand New Pedego City Commuter (large frame) For Sale $1200.00 SOLD

    Located in Pasadena, CA. Virtually brand new, excellent condition. Pedal- assist as well as throttle. LARGE Pedego City Commuter E-bike. Brand new: frame, handle-bars, stem, controller, motor, crank and pedals, kick-stand, fenders. All replaced at the pedego factory in Fountain Valley. Also...
  8. P

    Pedego Palooza Save the Date! Pedego's Biggest Owners Event is Coming to Multiple Cities

    Tickets available now! Pedego owners are free and non-Pedego owners can purchase tickets, rent a Pedego (or not), and join in on the fun! Tickets available at:
  9. P

    Pedego Press Release: Pedego City Commuters Make the Scene in 2018

    New Mid-Drive and Black Edition electric bikes bring “new” to the New Year FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Jan. 17, 2018 — The Pedego® City Commuter has reached new heights of innovation this year as Pedego Electric Bikes reveals two exciting new versions of its popular electric bike model: The City...
  10. P

    Pedego Press Release: Pedego Electric Bikes Launches Certified Pre-Loved Bike Sales With 12-month Warranty

    America’s most-trusted electric bike company empowers customers seeking super deals with certified pre-loved bikes FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Jan. 31, 2018 — Pedego® Electric Bikes, ranked the Number 1 electric bike brand in the United States by Navigant Research, has announced a program for...
  11. M

    Upcoming Pedego Conveyor

    Please disregard the price for the sake of this discussion and tell me your thoughts on this one. Thanks very much.
  12. RCG

    I made the first electric bike!

    I'm 65 years young and wanted to extend my riding radius around my home. I have always enjoyed riding bikes, but I'm not in the kind of shape where I can ride 25 miles a day without a little help. this is where the electric bike comes in. After test driving a number of bikes and reading Court's...
  13. P

    Pedego Press Release: 100th Pedego Electric Bikes Store Zooms Into Simsbury, Conn.

    Longtime pedal bike shop owners choose Number 1 electric bike brand for new store FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., July 6, 2017 — The world’s 100th Pedego® Electric Bikes store is now open in Simsbury, Conn. Owned by Mike and Rachel Wolf, Pedego Simsbury is the fifth Pedego store in New England. Pedego...
  14. P

    Pedego Press Release: New Pedego Store Brings Playtime to Petoskey

    Electric Bikes energize the town with fun and fanfare FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., July 5, 2017— A Pedego® Electric Bikes store is now open in Petoskey, Mich., bringing an exhilarating new activity to town. Pedego Petoskey co-owners Bryan Newman and husband-wife team Bill and Pat Anton are excited...
  15. P

    Pedego Press Release: New Pedego Electric Bikes Store Soars Into San Diego

    Pedego San Diego brings energetic vibe to Downtown’s fashionable BRIC FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., July 5, 2017 — The first Pedego® Electric Bikes store in Downtown San Diego has opened a pop-up shop in front of their soon-to-be permanent location on the ground floor of the elegant new BRIC center...
  16. T

    XL, tall, middle-aged woman seeks suitable step-thru e-bike ;-)

    What a great site and forums! I've asked Court to review the Electra Loft Go! with step-through frame. Wanting to get into some semblance of shape again after too many years at a desk job, I would like to find an electric bicycle to be gentle on my knees when needed on starts and hills...
  17. P

    PEDEGO PRESS RELEASE: Pedego Electric Bikes Announces New Trail Trackers for Smaller Riders

    Pedego’s growing family of fat-tire electric bikes are brash and bold as ever — with a size for almost everyone FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., March 22, 2017 — The original Pedego® Trail Tracker fat-tire trail bikes roared into the electric bike world two years ago bringing extra excitement to...
  18. V

    Need help choosing a group ride/commuter e-bike

    I'm new to the EBR forums but thought you all might be able to help me buy my first e-bike. Some data about me... 55 years old, 6', 195 lbs Started riding a road bike about two years ago to recover from lung surgery. Was averaging about 2500 miles/yr Do group rides, event rides and...
  19. W

    Can't Decide Between Pedego City Commuter or Surface 604

    Hi everybody. I'm getting ready to purchase my first electric bike and this forum has been very helpful. Thanks for sharing so much information. I'm in Los Angeles and my daily commute is 9 miles each way, mostly flat and mostly city. I've tested the Pedego City Commuter and I liked it a lot...
  20. Va. Bch. Electric Bike Center

    More range for the 2017 Ridge Rider and Trail Tracker

    Both ebikes are now getting 48v/14ah batteries instead of the 11ah version of last year. We were really impressed with range on the older battery...35-ish on mostly level ground, aggressive pedal assist riding but lots of sand. Look forward to testing the new 14ah.