1. Christopher

    Enough Said...

  2. M

    Bike Rack for Interceptor

    I purchased a step-thru Pedego Interceptor a couple of months ago and would like advice on bicycle racks. I have a Saab convertible (900 SE), no trailer hitch yet and have no clue on how to proceed. Y'all are so knowledgeable on this forum so I would appreciate your guidance. Thx.
  3. Christopher

    How come the 2015 Pedego Interceptor (48V/10Ah) costs $645.00 > the 2016 Aerial Rider (48V/11.6Ah)?

    Happy Spring EBR Community, :) How come the 2015 Pedego Interceptor (48V/10Ah) costs $645.00 dollars more than the 2016 Aerial Rider (48V/11.6Ah)? Nearly a 30% increase in price? I was comparing the specifications between the two e-bikes and I can't seem to figure out why last year's 2015...
  4. R

    Pedego Stretch Review - better than an Interceptor?

    Today I rented a Pedego Stretch for a few hours and I thought I'd offer a quick review in case anyone is interested. I haven't found many reviews out there for the Stretch, probably because it's rather new. The bike I rode had the larger battery (48 V, 17 AH). I rode 22 miles with a total...
  5. Christopher

    2016 Pedego Interceptor IV

    Greetings EBR Community, I've been hearing through the grapevine that a Pedego Interceptor IV is expected to be released sometime in 2016? Including an internally geared hub for cleaner less frequent tuneups, a front-end motor for much better balanced weight distribution, a carbon belt drive...