1200w HPC Explorer vs. 750w HPC Trailblazer X


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I am going to be buying one of these bikes soon and would love some input from others so I make the right decison. The title says it all. I am comparing the mid drive systems for both models.
The Trailblazer comes out to $2815 and includes:
-750w motor
-12.5ah, 37v battery
- F/S with rock shox 32 air fork, Not sure about standard rear sus.
-also having difficulty finding exact brakes but I imagine they are mechanical at that price.
-Weight :60-70lbs.

Explorer at $2800:
-1200w motor
-12.5ah, 48v battery
-rock shox 32 front fork (spring i think)
-Disk brakes (mechanical)
-Weight 40-50lbs

So here is my riding style/purpose. I am 26 and in good shape, 5'9", 145lbs and mounain bike to work several times per week about 8 miles a day on top of a heavy labor job. I will use the ebike for commuting in hilly Denver, CO. I also love to hit trails and even do some downhill and uphill mountain biking in the Red Rocks foothills. I have always wanted a full suspension bike but what I want to know is if the Trailblazer will still provide enough power with the increased weight for me to do what I want. If I go full suspension, will it get me to the top and back down again without being bogged down. Obviously the Explorer setup im running is beastly and more than enough for commuting and light off road but I would still always be wishing I had a full suspension for the jumps, stunts, and heavy trails. Any opinions are greatly appreciated, especially if your an HPC bike owner. Thanks

Sounds like fun Noker!

The trailblazer is listed at 48 lbs, or am i looking at the wrong model? http://www.hi-powercycles.com

Looks like a nice bike with hydraulic brakes... Would get more battery if youre planning on off roading a lot, otherwise that bike is just fine for your commute.

Q. Is there some reason you didn't look into a mid drive kit and buy your own high quality FS bike?
Well I am pretty familiar with tools and mechanical systems but not when it comes to working on bikes. I have never put any bike together from scratch and even putting an entire FS bike together piece by piece seems kind of daunting. For something my life and safety depends on I would want total confidence that everything is aligned and in tune. That being said, I am a quick learner and would look into a project like that with some help in finding a good guide
The best part is that you could buy a used quality FS bike like the Giant Trance x2 for that money, and a quality ebike parts kits

Not worth it if you're not confident. Then you might not finish or use it!