1. J

    Haikbike Downhill Pro - UK Owners

    Just got myself the 2016 downhill pro and absolutely love it. However, feel like there aren't many out there and would quite like to speak to/go riding with other's who own one. I'm based in London, but normally ride Forest of Dean, Bike Park Wales, Aston Hill, anywhere DH in the south really.
  2. Shaggy

    Haibike Recall--Fork Defect

    http://www.haibike.com/en/INT/service/recall >>> "...the fork of Haibike Race, Superrace and Urban models show premature breaking when being exposed to above-standard endurance tests. Therefore, the fork may suffer from rupture or a break. This poses an enormous safety and injury risk for every...
  3. Alexis Hadjisoteriou

    Hello from Cyprus

    Hi all, Been mesmerised by Court's videos on YouTube and caught the e-MTB bug well and truly. I'm a 58-year-old "recycled teenager" (according to my friends) and list kitesurfing as my main passion with MTB a close second. I am overweight (95kg - 210 lb) and I would say a fairly confident...
  4. R

    Throttle kits

    Can a throttle kit be added to a Specialized or Haibike mountain bike? I'm not concerned about legality or warranty issues. I just want to know if there are kits out there and can these bikes accept them.
  5. Shaggy

    Anyone have a 1-page guide to decipher Haibike names ?

    This may be the best one-page guide to haibikes. I'm a 2016 haibikes-on-sale shopper, but I was dismayed at how Haibike complicated its product lines even more with the 2017 line. https://www.e-bikeshop.co.uk/blog/post/haibike-xduro-bosch-ebike-range-2016/ If anyone has a better guide, please...
  6. J

    New saddle on Haibike

    I recently bought a Haibike XDuro Trekking bike. I want to replace the stock saddle with a Brooks B-17 saddle. However the rails on the Haibike will not accept my Brooks mount. Has anyone run into a similar problem? Recommendations welcomed as I really want to put my Brooks saddle on this...
  7. Domski

    Looking for a suitable maintenance stand for a Haibike

    Hi, I have a Haibike sDuro AllMtn RC 2015 model. I need a maintenance stand which will allow me to adjust brakes and gears etc. The problem is the bike weighs around 22kg and has an unusual aluminium frame which is something like a 45mm x 45mm pentagon in profile. So a suitable stand would have...
  8. Matt Maynor

    Help in North Florida

    I'm very new to this forum but I'm very interested in purchasing an Ebike. However, the more I read the more confused I get. After a lot of research, I have come to the conclusion that I want: 1) Mid Drive Motor 2) Step Through Frame 3) Pedal Assist, with throttle if possible. 4) Range of 50...
  9. Albe215

    Need help on Haibike All Mtn pro-error code 500

    So went to go for my Sunday ride this morning and to my surprise, no power coming on the bike and getting error code 500. I looked it up and it says it means " internal error of the drive unit". Tried restating it and still same error code. I took it to my local dealer and they are running the...
  10. Albe215

    Haibike All Mountain Pro Question/Help

    Hi there, I purchased a Haibike All Mountain Pro 2016 and got it about 3 months ago. I absolutely love the bike and I'm always looking for ways to improve. Specifically, I like many others, want to find a way to go beyond the 20mph limit. I have tried the Dongle in the past(this is my second...
  11. J


    Is there a consensus on which Dongle has emerged as the most reliable? I would like more assist available on the flats, flow. Important for me in order: 1) native motor shifting still works; 2) system is reliable (I ride often in the outback); 3) display glitchyness minimized; 4) display data...
  12. Blue Monkey

    Hello from Salt Lake City, Utah

    Hey everyone! This is Duane Schaffer, owner of Blue Monkey Bicycles in SLC, Utah. Four years ago I started looking into electric transportation options and there was nothing available locally. My wife, Tonya, suggested I think about opening a store and since I like a challenge, we did some...
  13. HeikkiM

    Lights in Haibike Trekking Pro S

    HI! I have haibike trekking Pro S (2016) pedelec. The bike is great but there is one thing I have not been able to live with. The lights. It seems that the front light is ON all the time and the rear light is OFF. There is light switch in the Nyon computer, but it seems that nothing happens...
  14. Alphbetadog

    EBO kit comparison with Haibike

    Last autumn I discovered ebikes and have been very enthusiastic about them ever since. After reading and watching just about every one of Court’s reviews at that time, I decided to purchase 2 Electric Bike Outfitter kits for my wife’s and my 20 and 30 year old mountain bikes which I previously...
  15. B

    Bosch Computer just turns off

    love my 2015 Haibike xduro cross rx. but suddenly when I turn on bosch board computer is just shuts off after showing msg "shutting down" (in German) Ideas welcome.
  16. eBikes Electric Bikes

    The Largest Haibike Dealer

    We are the largest Haibike dealer in the USA period!!!! We have 2 brick and mortar locations currently in Santa Barbara & Corona Del Mar carrying more than 60 Haibike's at any time on our floors. New store in Santa Monica opening soon!! Please visit our website http://electricbikezzz.com
  17. e_adventure

    ebike for a hilly commute

    Greetings, I am in the market for a new ebike. After much online research, looking through these forums, and trying out some bikes at my local shop, I think I could use some experienced opinions from the ebike community. I have a long bicycle commute to work, and there are lots of hills at...
  18. J

    Looking for my first Ebike

    Hello, my name is Jeff and I looking for my first Ebike. I have been trying to research them as much as possible in the past 6 months or so using this website. I have to say that all of Courts reviews have been awesome! After all my research, I think I am ready to buy one in the next couple of...
  19. R

    Watched review, picked up a Haibike Superrace

    Hey everyone! I watched the review on the Haibike Superrace, and spoke with Chris and Kyle at Propel, ended up buying the bike. I currently have two very high end carbon fiber roadbikes, but I find as I get older that commuting a long distance is more of a need vs a want. The hills can be...
  20. D

    Haibike Hardseven/Fullseven RC: compatible child seat?

    Hi, I going to purchase an electricial MTB and I like the Haibike Hardseven/Fullseven RC. I'm going to ride alone 50% of the time and 50% with my child. Considering the particular form of the frame, I'm asking myself of their are some compatible "bike child seat" (Type: Romer jockey confort)...