Watched review, picked up a Haibike Superrace

Rahul Sood

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Hey everyone! I watched the review on the Haibike Superrace, and spoke with Chris and Kyle at Propel, ended up buying the bike. I currently have two very high end carbon fiber roadbikes, but I find as I get older that commuting a long distance is more of a need vs a want. The hills can be miserable where I live since I have to go uphill both ways (I live on a plateau) ...

With all of that said, I have put over 350 miles on the bike since April 4th and I love every second of it. I bought some great accessories like ergo grips, a mount for a larger phone, a bag to hold extra tools and a battery for the phone, bottle mount, fenders, etc. The bike has changed my life -- I can ride longer distances faster, and I actually get more exercise since I don't have to force myself to do it. It's just so much fun!

Anyways, if anyone is every considering an electric bike and aren't sure of the reasons, look at the above and trust me when I say -- it's like I'm 20 years younger, and I'm having tons of fun riding this bike.

I'm now looking for a winter bike for Seattle weather. I was debating about getting a mountain bike and using that for winter. I spoke with Propel, I really wanted the AMT Pro, but I'm also considering the AMT RX (both 2015 models). I really don't know all the differences between them, but if I could get the Pro in my size (48) I would do it in a second. What do you guys think about commuting on a mountain bike? My commute is around 18 miles one way.

Btw dealing with Propel was an awesome experience. Fast service, always responsive. I really like them, wish they were in Seattle.
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The radrover guys are local in the Seattle area, you should check out their fat bike in person for a winter ride.
Thanks for the love Rahul! Glad you're enjoying your bike. The Superrace has always been a personal favorite of mine. Looking forward to meeting you in person. Happy riding :)