Looking for a suitable maintenance stand for a Haibike


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I have a Haibike sDuro AllMtn RC 2015 model.
I need a maintenance stand which will allow me to adjust brakes and gears etc. The problem is the bike weighs around 22kg and has an unusual aluminium frame which is something like a 45mm x 45mm pentagon in profile.
So a suitable stand would have to allow for ground and pedal clearance, a rotating clamp big enough to hold the frame, cope with the weight, fold away when not in use and not cost a fortune as I'm only a hobbyist not a professional bike mechanic. I've read hundreds of product reviews but haven't come across another Haibike owner who is either looking for the same thing or has found a suitable stand.
Any ideas?

I use the Park Tool PCS 10 with my BH/EM 29'er. Similar frame style. I clamp the top tube, not seat tube or post. With battery ~51 pounds, I do leave the battery on. I think the stand is rated for 75 or 80 pounds.



I also purchased (my opinion, must have):

I'm always challenged for storage space. Could you tell me if it could fold into what amounts to a 'pole-like structure' (for lack of a better description). I need to fold and store in a space of 2.4 x 1 meter.

It says it can be done on Amazon, but I think I trust people at EBR more than Amazon comments or Q&As....
The PCS 10 takes about 10 seconds or less to fold, or unfold. I lean it in a corner folded. Add <5 seconds to remove the clamping head if needed, as that's 14 inches long end to end. Without clamp one would need 9"x9"x48". That's also about the size of the very heavy 4 ply box it's shipped in. I can post a pic later with the folded unit laying next to a scale if needed.
I put my Riese and Muller up on the Feedback Sports Ultralight. I think its rated for 85 pounds. Seemed to handle the approximately 60 pound load pretty well. The stand (as name suggests) is light and folds up to a nice compact package:

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)