1. I

    2018 Vado 6.0 reliability concerns?

    Hi everyone. I recently bought a 2018 Turbo Vado 6.0 w/ ~700 miles from an online used bike dealer, and was hoping to get some input while I'm waiting for it to arrive. I was doublechecking the specs and stumbled upon some negative reviews and forum posts here about reliability issues. They...
  2. rudym

    Award for our Brose S Mag Motor
  3. Sweetwater

    First Brose ebikes for my wife and I

    My previous ebikes have all been Bosch motors and they have done very well. Between us, we've had #2 Bosch speed versions, mine sold with 3300 miles and wife still riding hers with >4000 miles. I've also had #3 Powerline Cx motors, Gen 2, 3 and still have the Gen 4 on a Bulls Monster E FS. My...
  4. J

    BMZ Connect C Bluetooth module for Brose powered Bulls E-stream

    I wanted to share my experience installing and using the BMZ Connect C bluetooth module for my Bulls E-stream Evo AM 4, since I didn't find much info already out there. The bluetooth module is available direct from the Bulls website:
  5. Oski1997

    Does Bosch, Brose and Shimano plan on making their own branded eBikes

    I‘m new to the bicycle community. I’ve learned a couple of things (I think). The three biggest bicycle manufacturing companies (by revenue) are Giant, Trek and Merida. Giant not only makes the frames for themselves but also for Pinarello, Colnago and Canyon (to name a few). Trek manufactures...
  6. A

    Can an Older Motor on An Older Frame be Replaced?

    There area a few 2018 Raleigh Tamland IE for sale online. If the motor eventually needs replacement will a newer motor fit the frame or is it wedded to the existing motor? Thanks in advance.
  7. Jet boots jon

    Newbie with a Brose issue.

    Hi all. After being a fan of a Scott Aspect hard tail, I decided to get a Scott E-Aspect as my first e-bike. Local Scott dealer was unable to get the model I wanted, so advised me to find one on the net, so I did. I was going on holiday in Belgium, so found a huge Scott dealer who had just what...
  8. P

    Brose motor failure

    Brose motor failure after 6 months of riding. Pulled motor apart and found bottom bracket bearing seizure due to corrosion. Possibly caused by crossing a small creek several weeks before failure. Any other mtb riders have similar issues with water entering the bottom bracket?
  9. David Sorrentino

    Is Brose less powerful or more "natural"? And should I buy it?

    Hi all. About to become an ebike owner for the first time and need some honest, informed advice. I'm getting the bike mainly for commuting and perhaps for a calm weekend trail ride with the kids. My wife will also use the bike from time to time. I'm a pretty experienced road and CX rider and...
  10. Ravi Kempaiah

    BULLS E-bikes for 2018 - Massive 100+ lineup

    Ever since I researched the history of BULLS in 2016, I have been bugging them to bring in more models to the US market. This is their 2nd year and have substantially increased their offerings for MY 2018. They don't attend EUROBIKE just like Trek, Giant or Specialized. They have their own...
  11. R

    Lighting options for Bulls FS3 27.5+ using Brose Motor

    Has anyone had success connecting high output lights that can run off of the bike's power source. I have seen that Light and Motion carries an e-bike specific Seca 1800 lumen light. Wondering how the connection is made. Would like to use this for extended night trail riding.
  12. M

    NEW 2018 BROSE S Drive Review

    The brand new Brose DRIVE S has seen the German brand focus on what’s inside, fitting 16 new electronic parts and really getting a handle on the rest of the complex internal parts. It might seem minor but even swapping a steel screw for a stainless steel one on the circuit board has led to...
  13. D

    Help! Bulls E-Stream EVO 45 FS OR Bulls E-Stream EVO FS3 Plus???

    I'm finally now down to 2 bikes, the Bulls EVO 45 and the Bulls EVO FS3 Plus... I'm really (I mean REALLY and SERIOUSLY!) having a hard time making up my mind between these two bikes. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent trying to research them and just thinking about them...
  14. Ravi Kempaiah

    Solid works rendering/animation of BROSE motor system

    A neat video highlighting the features of BROSE motor system and what makes it smooth and silent. I believe it's a solid works/3DS Max rendering but still a very nice animation. From my personal experience, the motor just feels smooth and natural! Brose allows little customization in terms of...