Yukon Mid


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Can anyone point me towards any reviews (professional or otherwise) of the new Yukon mid-drive from Voltbike? It's checking a lot of boxes for me, and I had been looking at the limited before I started to read more about a mid-drive system. However, I'm a little reluctant to be a test-group for a first generation model.
Yes, that's the one. It's interesting that you say what's pictured and claimed aren't the same motor. It could be they're recycling photos of previous mid-drive bikes from their website? Some of their other models had the ultra in their specs, IIRC. Here is a photo of their received batch, FWIW.

I also set my sights on the Bravo Core and I'm looking for an honest opinion on this bike. Does anyone have any news?
On VB’s website, they show the Enduro. Far as I know, it’s the only other mid drive. As you can see in the pic, this is a M600 motor. I concur that the Yukon Mid pictured is an M620 Ultra.
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