Which commuter ebike? Specialized 2022 Como/Vado 5.0 vs 2022 Trek Allant+ 7S

Rose Bikes are reliable. Although there are plenty good online (and regular) bike stores in Poland, I happen to buy from Rose Bikes, Bikester, Bike-Components and other German online stores at times. We are in the single market, the courier services operate normally so if there's something I cannot get from Poland, I "go" shopping to Germany :) Regarding Amazon, they keep many popular items in their warehouses locally, so it is also an option. Now, a story for your amusement:

It is diabolically difficult to buy studded bike tyres now, especially when you are looking for a specific model and size. I just needed a single replacement Schwalbe Marathon Winter Plus 35-622 tyre, and it was not to avail. Yet, strangely enough, Amazon had these, and in a warehouse in Poland. A courier knocking on my door... And he holds a huge cardboard box! I was sure it was a wrong delivery but the postman was self-sure: if it was addressed to me, it had to be the correct order! And that big box indeed contained the single tyre.

And an inner tube.
Which I didn't order.
With the wrong valve type.



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I have placed an order for a few bits from Rose Bikes which is based out of Germany. VAT will be removed before they process the orders and shipping is free to NZ! Main thing was the bike trailer which is Hamax Outback 2 that no one sells in NZ. I am really looking forward to taking the toddler out for some bike rides locally, especially around the lake, and once the baby is 12 months old, I will put her in the bike trailer as well. The 90Nm of torque will come in handy for trailer pull! I am certain that my wife will end up with an ebike as well within 12 months. Hopefully, I have covered off all the important accessories that are required. I will buy the Specialized Mode helmet from LBS that I have purchased the bike from.

View attachment 110410
View attachment 110411
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View attachment 110413Basil rear basket with MIK adapter plate pre-installed purchased from another local LBS that only they sell around me. I am hoping that this rear basket and the 2 x shopping carrier bag pannier can all be on the bike together at same time. I hope the width/length of the shopping carrier bag does not protrudes into the shopping carrier bag's hook system.

Wow Powersquad, those are some amazing accessories. Said a woman who knows the importance of “accessorizing”.

Looking forward to your impressions on the Como 5.0. That bike is a my short list for my n+1 rule. I’m hoping to test ride one this Spring. It checks all the boxes with the exception of the non-adjustable stem/handlebar. And of course in red!
@Stefan Mikes they are using DHL to ship everything to me. DHL service to NZ is good. Rose Bikes did mention that currently they are experiencing high volumes of orders (Christmas orders and COVID delays). All the items I have ordered are in stock, so I am expecting them to ship the order before the end of this week and arrive at my doorstep within 5 to 6 business days after that. Currently only very few airlines are flying in and out of NZ due to COVID but luckily DHL and Fed Ex fly their own planes to NZ so I will not have to wait like a month unlike Amazon US orders which use DPD for shipping. I will not receive the bike itself at the earliest before the end of Jan (Feb more likely) so have plenty of time for Rose Bikes' order to arrive as well in case of any delays there. As soon as I receive the bike, I am going to start practicing commuting 25KM around my town and get familiar with the bike and then will do a practice run to my office on a weekend so that I know I can make it to office on time and get familiar with the dedicated cycleway. Winter season is 8 months away so having the bike for the current summer season will be great as I can then look at windproof/waterproof clothing closer to the Wintertime. I have every intention at this stage to even commute to work even if it rains during winter, which is why I bought that Vaude eBack bag that can store spare set of clothes, jackets, and trousers to change at work if needed.
I regularly buy stuff from German sites Bikediscount and Bike24, allow upto 6weeks to NZ. Sometimes DHL surprises me with 2weeks.
BD is slightly cheaper and better range but freight is €25 instead of €20. Watch duty limit on orders, I spent too much once and got strung.
When it comes to helments try a few different types. Just because helmet is best quality doesn't means its good fit for your head.
I ride a Creo and it sounded to me that as he was not riding serious off road, so 35mm/38mm tyres with suspension seat post and mudguards/fenders would suit the bill???????
I ride a Creo and it sounded to me that as he was not riding serious off road, so 35mm/38mm tyres with suspension seat post and mudguards/fenders would suit the bill???????
Not if he is unfit but wants to get to work at the average speed of 25 km/h fresh. He also specifically hates the thought of riding in a road bike position. He needs to carry a bag/pannier for his office as well.
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Como SL or Vado SL both have flat handlebars and extender battery option with assistance up to 15.5 mph or 17 if 26" wheels are dialled in
In cold weather they will do up to 40miles, and 60miles in the summer with a mixture of level 2 & 3 assistance on the internal battery and 50% more with each extender
Just tell me what exactly range extender e-bike you meant.
Why don't you just buy a bike with an extender battery facility
OP's 2022 Turbo Como is a 710 WH battery. Turbo bikes are the 4 times power bikes. Only the SL models (2 times power bikes) have the option to add a second battery (range extender) in the shape of a water bottle. AFAIIK. Tim
Hello folks,

I am an unfit 36 year old weighing 200lbs looking at my first ebike for commuting to work primarily which is 25KM one way (16 miles) so 50KM return (32 miles). My office location has changed which was quite further out before where I had a free car park but at the new office location location that is 50KM return trip, I will have to find a paid car park and they are around NZD$1800. I figure, this commute is achievable via bicycle specially now that they have interconnected my small town with the major town where my job is via a dedicated cycleway that is mostly concrete path for 70% of the way and remaining is tar seal road.

At my new work building after few recent thefts in the car park where the bike stand is also, they have full fenced off the area with swipe card access apparently as I still have not been to the new office location yet. WFH is great but it will come to and end in a month's time so will have to commute to work atleast 3 days a week and 2 days WFH.

This will be my first ebike. I have been reading various threads here at EBR and watching videos on YouTube as well between different model bikes that has helped atleast narrow down I think between 2 brands Specialized and Trek.

The reason why I have picked these 2 brands is because there is local support for both these brands in my small town and also the major town where my work is. I ruled out Riese and Muller because the closest bike show that supports this brand is 1 hour and 30 mins away one way.

For the Trek, I picked the Allant+ 7S which is available in New Zealand at NZD$5999 incl tax (15%) (USD$4000 incl 15% tax). However my wife's workplace has a scheme with this specific chain of bike retailer that gives 12.5% discount and they happen to sell Trek so I can get the Allant +7S for NZD$5250 incl tax (USD$3500). There is barely any ebike stock available in the country due to big back orders. The retailer has 1 M and 1 L size left. I did a test ride on the M size today being 5'9 in height and the bike was a tight/perfect fit. The L size is brand new and they will have to build it which they can for a 10% deposit and will even return the deposit if I back out of both L or M size. I am thinking L size would fit me better. I am looking at the low step version so my wife who is 5'8 can also use it easily.

Being my first ever ebike ride, the Allant +7S was great experience. I climbed an steep incline which I would have huffed and puffed on a non e-bike but the Trek ploughed through it on low gear on turbo mode and I did not break a sweat. The motor was noticeably noisy.

I will contact the Specialized dealer tomorrow but I think due to being sold out everywhere that I can see online, I would be surprised if they would have any stock. I am interested in the 2022 Como 5.0 more and I like the connectivity and security lock options with motor being disabled. These likely will not be available until April 2022 including the 2022 Vado. These are NZD$8900 incl 15% tax (USD$6000).

1. Is the Specialized 2022 Como 5.0 worth it over Allant+ 7S with an extra price difference of NZD $3650 (USD$2500) for the chain version and $USD900 more on top for the IGH version?
2. Is one of these brands more reliable over the other specially with parts availability down the track as the battery would likely need to be replaced in 5 years time?
3. For commute mostly, if I did go down the path of Specialized, would Como suit better over Vado?

Edit - I just came back from the Specialized dealer and the allocation for 2022 bikes are extremely low. Like 1 unit low for 2022 Turbo Como 5.0 (non SL) which they reckon they will receive in January or Feb 2022 and they will not have anything after that until August 2022. I did a test ride on the 2021 Specialized Como they had on floor which was the M size and it's definitely the size I would want if go with Specialized. The bike rode well,. The motor also had noticeable noise but less than the Allant+ 7S. It did struggle on the hill I took it to even on low gear and I had to pedal hard but I suspected that from the SL being 35nm torque only and I am not fit (yet). The brakes were also not that strong or prompt to action unlike the Allant+ 7S. I suspect it might be 2 piston break unlike 4 piston on the Allant+ 7S.

I think it's between Turbo Como 5.0 vs Allant+ 7S for me. Both have good torque, build quality and 4 piston breaks. Specialized dealer has offered me $500 off which he said no other dealer will offer in the country in current climate and I believe him because I have not been able to find stock of ebikes in general anywhere in NZ. I can get the Specialized 2022 Turbo Como 5.0 for $8400 instead of $8900 incl tax so USD$5650 incl tax. USD$3500 for the Allant+ 7S. I did prefer the handles of Como SL over Allant+ 7S so I imagine the handles of 2022 Como will be similar as well.

I have two Specialized e-bikes that cost USD 15,000 and this was not to save money. If I wanted to save money it would be with a commuter type e-bike and these are available for as little as USD 900. They have 20 inch wheels and a range of 70 miles and many also fold. A folding bike can go inside a bus or in an office cubicle and need not be left outside where it will be stolen. Bikes in this group include ones from Fiido and Blix. Or there is the Smart Motion Pacer 48V that sells for $3648 NZD.

I do not know about New Zealand but in the USA the cost to insure my two Specialized e-bikes is $900 a year. Less expensive bikes would qualify for coverage under a standard homeowner's or renter's policy.
Como SL or Vado SL both have flat handlebars and extender battery option with assistance up to 15.5 mph or 17 if 26" wheels are dialled in
In cold weather they will do up to 40miles, and 60miles in the summer with a mixture of level 2 & 3 assistance on the internal battery and 50% more with each extender
@MikeSL1: Please understand. I own both a 45 km/h Vado 5.0 and a derestricted Vado SL 4.0 with Range Extender. I would have never recommended a Vado/Como SL to a commuter such as @powersquad. And I know what I am saying:

Full power Vado/Como are commuter e-bikes. Vado SL is a leisure/fitness e-bike. Como SL is a city e-bike. (Vado SL is a bike that is slowed down by mere headwind because it has so low motor power and is to be ridden in pretty upright position).

Como SL or Vado SL both have flat handlebars and extender battery option with assistance up to 15.5 mph
It is 28 mph in New Zealand, which does not mean these e-bikes can achieve that speed under regular conditions.
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