What is the furthest anyone with the XM700+ traveled on 1 charge?


The furthest I have traveled is 30 miles with 11 mile range left at “tour” setting. On this ride I rode with “tour” on the flats and “sport” for climbing and I climbed 1115 feet during this ride.
Bike Chart.png
38.3 miles. Very flat terrain.

With a full battery charge the "Tour" range on my XM700+ shows 37 miles and I believe that computation is based on last couple of miles ridden which was a combination of some flat and some small climbs. So it would appear that my range may be slightly more than 40 miles with flat and climbs. Anyone else want to chime in on their range?
I've had my Trek 700+ for 10 months and have just over 2,000 miles on it. I keep the assist in the lowest level 95% of the time. Riding in Western Oregon, I usually have a few hills. My typical rides are 30-40 miles, but I've done some that were in the 60-70 mile range. Anytime I do more than 50 miles I worry a bit, but so far I've not used up the charge.