What -- even remotely related to your ebike -- are you thankful for?

Jeremy McCreary

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What -- even remotely related to your ebike -- are you thankful for?

At 74, I'm grateful for the way back to the sheer joy of cycling. Just a little help from my friend was all it took...

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I'm grateful that with all the damage the Army did to my knees, I can get most places on my bicycle. The electricity makes it doable on high wind days, or after I've twisted a knee walking.
The backside of that is that my heart & lungs are very healthy. Which got me through 216 days of covid (4 flavors) without a hospital or breathing machine. I'm back to 4/3 the times I used to take for my standard commute before 3/2020. I'm age 72.
my bikes should thank me. I saved them from sitting around not getting ridden.
the beast gets mighty upset of we don't ride him enough. there is a reason we named him the beast. but e bikes got me back riding when I could not have otherwise. gets my blind wife out too.
Although I'm thankful my E-bike keeps me riding longer & farther than on my conventional bike, it didn't help the shifting problem I have with my arthritic hands. I'm most thankful for the electronic shifter I added since operating the cable shifter levers can be quite painful during arthritic flareups.

The wireless shifter buttons are effortless to operate and can quickly be switched right or left on the bars depending on which hand is bothering me most.


Sometimes, it's the little things that make a big difference.
Thankful for my overall good health and the good health of my family and friends. Thankful to have lived in a time when this ebike phenomenon has allowed us Social Security-types to pedal distances we only could do back when we were in our teens, twenties and thirties.


Thankful that the Full FatSix could take me to the Delaware River as a mid-summer sunset quietly sets in the west.......


Thankful that the ebike took me to this moment at sunrise, as the sky was on fire by the rising of the sun. Just a short blink of a moment. it's right there before you......


And just in the blink of the eye, the moment is gone.

Our ebikes allow us the opportunity to stop and smell the roses when the roses are in full bloom. But they also allow us the chance to see the world gone asleep in winter, as well as the awakening of nature with the coming of spring. All it takes is to check the jaded eye at the door, open up the mind to the beauty of the world all around us......and a good, reliable ebike!
I am thankful that it got my wife back out on a bike and that it allows us to ride and explore together again. It has also brought back a more basic joy of cycling. It’s not about proving myself anymore. It’s just about the ride, the experience, the companionship and the scenery. Cycling, like most things, is better without the ego.
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In 2014 I had lost everything. Or, so I thought. I went to visit a cousin in Boston and we rode bikes. I was reunited with a lost love. And when I retuned to California I purchased a bike. Then I got into the industry. It changed my life. I couldn't afford the mid-drive I wanted at the time so I made one. That allowed me to sell my car. Now, I make electric bikes everyday, special ones such as for disabled people. I ride every day several times. Now I have lots of cycling friends. My cargo bikes are working their magic in my community by adding joy for young families and taking cars off the roads for a more healthy planet. I used to do these elaborate puzzle books. No more, my puzzles now come in the real world problems of bikes. I just got back from seeing Santa arrive by tugboat. That was fun and it was nice to see so many bikes that I have worked on. It seems the everyone in town knows me. Here is the view, Thursday, where I watched Santa today.


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Generally, I still have both legs thanks to my e-bikes. Especially, my left leg has been endangered and might be amputated had I not been riding.
Also, 25,000+ km of adventures, joining a gravel cycling club, and meeting many new friends. Also, tightening family ties with my first cousin, "my brother", who has become an e-biker thanks to me.


Together with my gravel cycling club. A metric century at a racing speed.


With my "brother", after having completed an extreme mountain climb.
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Santa on a tugboat -- doesn't get much better than that!

Excellent bounce-back from 2014! Finding your niche in the process is definitely something to be thankful for.

Where is this lovely place?
Thanks for asking, Just North of San Francisco is a wine country town called Petaluma, The epic rides lead to the coast or around Sonoma Mountain up and thru the Valley of the Moon. Here is a propose. We drank coffee for an hour watching it. This is the greenest town in the greenest state and the food is amazing.



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Lived in the Bay Area 20 years till 2001, including Marin County. Yet never knew that the Petaluma River is navigable all the way to Petaluma.
Great question, thanks for asking! As an office worker I am thankful for the 40 minutes of fresh air it gets me every day on the way to and from the office. I am also grateful on the ride home it helps me transition from work mode to family mode which is something I’ve struggled with a lot during my 14 year working career. I am also grateful for the cost savings since we only have one car and able to do a lot of fun family experiences with the extra cash!