'Waiting for drive' message


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United Kingdom
Hi everyone

My 2016 Integrale with Impulse RS motor has given 5 years good service, now on 7500 miles. Only previous fault was a noisy motor, replaced under warranty at 1100 miles, and I still love riding it - it's great fun!

Occasionally the dash comes up with the message: 'Hint 1/1 Waiting for Drive'

There is no power, but it comes back after turning the system off and on or (if that doesn't work) taking the battery out and slotting it straight back in.

Any ideas? All suggestions welcome.

Thanks in advance

Hello...helĺo? Ah, there you are. I have the same bike with a similar intermittent problem. With the added issue that I can't remove the battery. Did you get to the bottom of the "waiting for drive" thing? Thanks in advance.