Vado SL EQ rear rack with backroller AND Box?


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I recommended a friend a used Vado SL EQ.
He likes to use bags (like Ortlieb backroller) AND a box or some "platform" were he can store a jacket, a sweater, etc.
The normal racktime rear rack on the Vado SL does not provide lower extra horizontal tubes for bags/backroller and with a Racktime snap-it-adapter for a box you can't use the normal rack tubes for bags any more.
What would be the best solution for this? Is there a racktime snap-it-adapter which provides also horizontal tubes on the sides? Or some extra tubes which can be mounted in the racktime rack? Or a new rack which easily fits in the Vado SL? Unfortunately it's still the Vado SL with the strange proprietary seat post screw in the top tube. No standard seat post clamp that could be changed for a one with extra threads for a rack like on the Creo...
...... No standard seat post clamp that could be changed for a one with extra threads for a rack like on the Creo...
You can still use a seat post clamp with the extra threads. Just mount it above the proprietary Specs clamp but you might have to shim it with a thin strip of rubber.


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It's unfortunate that your friend might have to replace the rack on the EQ. But one plus about changing it is the carrying capacity would increase. The weak spot of the EQ is the fender mounted rack. The fender offers lower structural support and starts to flex. or worse, if overloaded. IIRC, the EQ rack is rated at 15kg whereas a Racktime mounted rigidly to the seat post is rated at 25kg.
Would this rack work?:


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Jodi, first of all the stock Racktime rear rack of Vado SL hates to be overloaded, and it bends easily when overloaded. I am interested in a sturdier rack myself.
Hi, I had similar requirements so purchased the Racktime Standit 2.0 Tour along with the IMM kit, which allows the ability to retain the clean look of the mudguard mount. I have used it on several multi day tours with Ortlieb panniers and Talis 2.0 rack bag. There is a bit of wear on the vertical bars from where the pannier lower clip meets the rack, but as this has been my daily commuter for the last couple of years, I am not overly concerned.
There was a bit of minor fettling involved when fitting, as the IMM support bar was a little shorter than original resulting in a redundant hole in the mudguard which I used to steady the unsupported mudguard section with 2 tywraps.
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