Vado 5.0 owners: what are you using for a lock?

I have a Vado 5 and a Vado 4 and use two different locks for each:
1. ABUS 5755L frame lock (aka cafe lock)
2. ABUS Bordo Combo folding lock.

The folding one is good to lock to an object.
The frame (cafe style) one doesn’t lock to an object but is good to immobilize and is arguably harder to cut/defeat.
You can add an easy third layer with the Abus plug-in chain, securing the bike to an object, or even securing a second bike between yours and the object.
Hiplok D1000 here for my Vado 5 IGH. Lock is very heavy but fits on the rear rack so that’s no issue. If it’s as strong as it says, I’m pleased with it.

The downside is that the internal dimensions are small, and because the bike is big & heavy, manhandling everything close to the rack to fit the lock can be a pain. If I was buying now, I’d look closely at the Litelok x3 - seems to have the same strength but the bigger internal dimensions would probably make it slightly easier to fit. 8-week lead time on orders though…
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