Vado 4.0 & Burley Bark Ranger

Cat Panic

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Hi all,

I just bought a 2022 Turbo Vado 4.0 that I imagine will arrive at my LBS in the next few days. I also purchased a Burley Bark Ranger, which should arrive around the same time (to a different location). The Burley attaches differently depending on the type of axle and dropouts the bike has, and I'm wondering if anyone can confirm for me which of the attachment scenarios will apply to the bike I bought. Burley Hitch & Adapter Guide

Moreover, would it be advantageous/strategic to ask the LBS to hold off on building the bike until I can supply the appropriate parts for the trailer? If advantageous, would it also be reasonable? If these should be separate transactions it's fine, I just have no idea and don't have a sense of how big a project this will be.

Thanks for the input - I'm so excited to get out there!!!
Thanks - I saw that. I was assuming the OEM product may be optimal, but I’ve seen plenty of favorable reviews for this product so no doubt they are functionally interchangeable.
I did not. Unfortunately, the whole endeavor was abandoned and I returned the trailer. I intended to tow my dog but he was not having it!
So you'll be changing your screen name to "Dog Panic"? Sorry it didn't work out.


Would love to trailer Roxie around, but not sure she'd stand for it, either. Would want to try a few miles in a loaner before buying, but reluctant there, too. She may weigh only 23 lbs, but it's all muscle, and she could do a lot of damage if she suddenly decided she wanted out.
Try this trick, I use it on all my Aussies, and other fur paws,
move their bed, food and water dish inside the trailer, don't wimp out and give in,
after a day or so, they'll like their new home, and won't give it up.

To get use to the trailer movement, with that type of halter you have on her,
get a quick snap and a couple pieces of chain lengths, an "eye bolt",
and towards the front find the center and mount the "eye bolt" with HD washers on each side.

Open the "eye bolt" end just enough to slip the end of the chain loop thru it.
Then have her stand right over the eye bolt and adjust the chain links with a quick snap attached to the bottom ring of the halter, make sure you take the slack out of the halter when measuring, you want a firm support on the halter, around her.

Then snap her in and get use to the feeling of being tethered to that spot, she may fight it, but if she can't get her front paws up and over the side rails, she can't get out.

Leave her there for a short time and moved the trailer around with her tethered there. After a short while she will like it, then start making short rides around the yard to get her used to the sounds/movements of the trailer etc.

My Aussie and German shepherd love riding all the toys I have including the ATV/SxS, they soon learn that the tethered helps them with any quick movement of the ride, and lean into the tether for support etc.

You can also use a wheelbarrow to start training them, with the same principal with the snap chain, for smaller paws etc.

Did you figure out which axle to use? I have the Vado 5 and want to use a Burley trailer.
Happened across this thread while starting another one, and thought I would answer my own question from last year in case other folks seek this information.
I purchased this Burley thru-axle for use with Vado 5 and the Bark Ranger trailer: 12X1.0 (158-174MM).
With that installed, all you need to add is the standard Burley hitch, which comes with the trailer.
Everything works great.