Upgrading brakes on Vado SL 5.0 EQ


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Hello Everyone!

First time poster here. I have a Specialized Vado SL Eq with Tektro HD-R510 hydraulic disc brakes and am thinking about switching to Magura brakes MT5 or 5E, MT4 or 4E for increased braking power. Any thoughts on the swap--or am I better off leaving well enough alone?
nothing wrong with it if you you got the money. go with 4 piston if you upgrade or it wont be much of a upgrade but quality.also shimano I hanged from the MT4 to the deore xt's as I can use 1 finger to brake with. plus it takes less effort to brake.
Keep the brakes as they are. They are excellent and there is no point for the upgrade for the lightweight e-bike. I use the less expensive Tektro (HD-R290) brakes, and these have been extremely fine.

If you must swap the brakes, bear in mind heavy duty brakes are Post-Mount. Your brakes are of the modern Flat-Mount type, especially recommended for lightweight bikes. These two types are not compatible!