Upgrade issues!!


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Hi there folks, my name is Harley and I purchased a jensno x50 electric bike. I really like it but would like to do some modifications to the suspension, brakes,and would like to get a few more mph as I use it for a commuting bike mostly. So I thought I will try the easiest thing and get a bigger battery! So I got a 52 volt 15 amp. Battery. It fit right on, the new base even fit into the screw holes! So when I spliced it into Battery terminals and plugged it in..
Nothing happened. No display no nothing. Can anyone help? Could it be because my lcd instrumental panel only has options for 36v,or 48v? I thought it would over ride it and I would keep checking if motor got hot..I can't return the battery because they said they can't ship hazardous materials bs. $230 wasted unless someone else has an idea. The little shifty controller I looked inside, it would not pull out but it has compassitores that say 63 volt or whatever they are called any help would be great
Controllers have a limited compliance range. Many are available for both 36 v & 48 v. If you want a 52 v battery, you need a 52 v rated controller. If your controller is built into the frame, that limits your ability to change it out. If you change controller, you will need to change display also.
I have found controllers available on ebay, generally do not have PAS pickup or torque sensor inputs. At least when I was buying. Throttle input may have different pinout. The one I bought had a door switch input, which was required for any movement to occur. I eventually hooked it up to an ignition switch, that I built into a pill bottle to keep the rain off it.
Note external temperature of the motor housing does not indicate temperature of the motor windings. These can burn the insulation and short out long before the case gets hot. Only DD (direct drive) motors transport heat effectively to the case.