Trying to decide which way to go with first E-Bike


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Hey everyone,
I've been cycling over 30 years quite a bit. I'm now 61 but still at it. I own a road/race bike and a Trike. I quite riding the road bike a couple years ago when it just got to painful. The Trike has served me well and would be able to sleep on it if I had to its so comfy. Within the last couple months I lost My license due to loosing part of my side vision but I can still ride a bike. So I'm stuck at home when my wife is working unless I ride. My Wife has a hitch and a heavy duty rack that I can haul one/two bikes or my trike on if need be.
Here's my thinking.
I get out and ride 25-50 miles sometimes and since I live in Kentucky there's hills. I need an E-Bike for the following.
1. Trips to Louisville which has bike shops/shopping/ ect. about 25 miles one way.
2. May need to haul some stuff from time to time like 5 gal of gas for mower or groceries, etc.
3. Would like to take E-bike on organized rides that I sometimes do.
I'm in know way up to speed totally on E-bikes but it looks like the mid-hub is the way to go for hills and from what I understand that powers thru your gearing where a rear hub does NOT.
Which is another question:
I like the Evelo line but I'm seeing the CVT drivetrain as not being low enough geared. They have huge batteries from what I see.
I love the RadWagon from RadRover but not totally hooked. It would be a lot of weight to pedal if I lost battery power. No biggie but a concern if I was on a 14% hill.
I don't really need the fat tires that some of the RadRover's have but like the look.
I would think that a triple crankset with mid-motor would be best but I don't know
how much you gain on hills by having mid over hub if all else was equal..
Also the RideKick trailer is possible altho they haven't answered my first email yet and Evelo has every time and than means something to me.
Thanks in advance for any help you all would suggest.
Have you considered adding a mid drive to your trike? That might give you the best comfort and yet also the added ability to go further and climb hills.
A good place to start looking are the electric bike kit reviews on here:

There are lots of mid-drive and also rear hub conversion kits you can add to your trike. One of the best DIY mid-drive kits is the ERad kits from LectricCycles:

I checked on Lectric cycles website, and there are a few dealers in neighboring states to Kentucky, but none in Kentucky itself, if you wanted to have someone else install it for you: (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)