Trek XM 700+


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The new Trek XM 700+, Bosch speed pedelec.

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There are both high-step and step-through versions.

There isn't much in English yet for this bike, this from Bike Europe:

AMERSFOORT, the Netherlands – Presented as Trek’s answer on growing market demand for speed pedelecs by an increasing number of commuters, the American bicycle manufacturer launches the XM700+.

“The Trek XM700+ is a stable and sportive speed pedelec thanks to the powerful Bosch Performance Speed motor in combination with a PowerPack 400 battery mounted on the down tube and a dedicated frame design,” explains Trek’s brand manager Jan-Willem Groen.

The street legal XM700+ also features Magura hydraulic disc brakes, a Bontrager adjustable monoshock fork and Schwalbe tyres which are approved for speeds of up to 50 kilometres per hour.

Rapidly growing market
Not surprisingly the introduction of Trek’s next generation speed pedelec took place in the Netherlands. It is expected that the market in this e-bike loving country will pick-up this new product category very quickly. Though distribution has started early 2014, demand for 45 km/h speed pedelecs generated a lot of consumer interest right from the start.

The Dutch speed pedelec market is dominated by three leading e-bike companies. In the first five months of 2015 Sparta, Riese und Müller and Stromer altogether sold 1,224 speed e-bikes with vehicle registration.

by JACK OORTWIJN 16 Jun last update:16 Jun 2015"

In reading this one question comes to mind for us in the US is; if this "American bicycle manufacturer" launched something, why not in America? The same-old Bosch PowerPack 400 is getting a little stale, when will Bosch fit a long range battery to a bike? Many of us in the US have greater distances to travel than those living in European cities. Nice looking bike though.
Did you notice the very european emphasis on the middle syllable in peDElac and who walks away from what I guess is a $5K bike without locking it! Even though he did take the console with him :). Wouldn't mind a spin on that bike myself.
With Bosch upgrading their motor and battery for 2016, it's likely Trek will upgrade as soon as available.
I just test rode a Trek XM 700 last weekend, and I am very impressed with this bike. For commuting up steep hills (which is what I'd primarily use it for) the Bosch mid drive is extremely smooth. The riding position felt comfortable and the bike felt solid, but not heavy. The bike has a clean, classic diamond frame look that I like, and a low-key matte black paint job that isn't too flashy. I like the fact that Trek did not outfit this with a full suspension fork. IMO, full suspension forks are overkill on a bike that is designed primarily for paved roads and just adds weight. This bike does have a suspension feature on the base of the head tube, however, which provides a surprising amount of shock absorption without the additional weight of a full suspension fork. Lots of nice touches like standard fenders and headlight, rack mounts for a rear rack, water bottle cage mounts, schwalbe tires. A very nice ride for daily commuting.
Hi Steve, does the new 2016 Trek have the upgraded Bosch motor ? Does anyone know if in the future I can swap the battery for a longer range when it comes out ?
Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for 'new year' models to not appear until more than half way through a new season of riding! Sometimes it's the logistics of production after a new upgrades, so I'd rather the manufacturer get that figured out before shipping so it's worth the wait. Looking forward to your pics and feedback once the new XM700 arrives, @David Thomas of Peshtigo .
Riding weather is upon us and actually found an xm700 at a dealership. Put $ down to hold it until I can find out about the newer model. Maybe if this 2015 version isn't improved upon much I'll pay it off and start riding.
So where could I get info on the 2016 version? Thank you in advance.