Congrats 2 Trek Engineers for the NEW TQ powered Domane+ !!!

I agree-Trek goes through different motor designs like Leonardo DiCaprio goes through 21 year old beauties. :p
This doesn't give me a warm, trusting feeling about Trek's e-road bikes.
My old knees can't take the slow cadence/high torque pedalling anymore, so I tend to spin in the low 80s.
I have to admit that I really like my Cannondale Topstone Neo Lefty 3 (e-gravel). At 39 pounds I only wish it were lighter. The Bosch Gen 4 motor is a jewel, though.
To be sure, extra weight is never a good thing, but two facts help me not to worry.

1) The fastest production car is currently the Tesla Plaid at a very heavy portly 4800 lbs, and is much faster than a Ferrari F8 at 3500 lbs.

2) The bosch website says if I weigh 215 lbs and ride at 17 mph, and 75 rpm, I can go 94 miles in eco, 61 miles in tour. But if I diet ferociously and loose 20 lbs so that I only weigh 205 lbs, I can go 96 miles in eco, 63 miles in tour - an extra TWO miles.

The fact is that electric motors can easily overcome a weight disadvantage.

When I see bike websites bragging that their new lightweight and aerodynamic handlebars can save you 17 seconds over an hour of intense riding, I think to myself, so can a few minutes in the bathroom.
I got even more milage with a tire change fro. 2.4" to 2" gave me about 8 extra miles and 3mph faster. I wonder if I kept at the same speed as I got on the old tires if I would have even more milage?