Too Much Emphasis on Flat Protection

I learned my lesson early on my 1st emtb. I took delivery with tubes within 100. Miles of riding I was getting flats left and right. There's a time I gotten front and rear flat on a single ride and only had 1 spare tube. From there on went with tubeless setup. Didn't notice much difference in performance but tubeless gave me confidence in plowing thru uncharted trails. 2 1/2 years later and 4 tire rotations. I no longer curse at the tires while doing it.
Tubeless is it for me.
I command you Romeo for the first good post I have ever seen from you!
They are now saying in their (web site) advertising what many had already figured out by just trying it out: The Sportsman Formula works as a tubeless sealant that never dries out.

Also I specifically called them and asked about using it as a tubeless sealant on my 60 psi Maxxis Aggressor tires that went on about what I guess is now 2 weeks ago. I called them out on the high pressure issue and they said a) they are not yet recommending Flatout on other-than-fat tubeless tires because they haven't completed testing yet and b) "air pressure is not an issue". What they mean by that exactly we will see. But so far my tires are holding 60 psi perfectly. Before sealant went in, they deflated in about a day. So its able to do *something*. No bubbling thru anywhere when it went in. Rims are DT FR560's with DT tape and Muc-Off valves. The bike is mostly on urban streets so its only a matter of time before we see whether it seals a flat at the higher pressure.
I have had a few flats at 70 psi with flat-out that would not seal. but sometimes you cant find what is giving the flat so you can remove it either. so its hard to really tell.