Toddler Seats and Urban Arrow Seat Adapter


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I test rode an Urban Arrow Family this weekend and I think I'm going to move forward with purchasing it, but I have a question regarding the toddler seat accessory that I'd like an unbiased opinion (e.g. from someone I'm not giving my money to) on.

My 14-month old is a little too small for the stock seats in the Urban Arrow Family. The straps don't get tight enough to hold him in. So I put him in the Yepp toddler seat (not sure if it was the mini or the maxi) which was bolted into the bottom of a different model front-loader cargo bike, and that seemed to work well. The Urban Arrow has a C15 Child Seat Adapter which "allows you to attach a wide selection of child seats". Since he'll only need the toddler seat for a few months or a year before being big enough to just use the stock seats, I'm considering looking for a used toddler seat that I could install. My question is: how do I know which seats will work with this adapter? The website says "a wide selection", but doesn't list them specifically. If you could find a list for me somewhere on the internet, or just let me know 1) if you use a toddler seat in the urban arrow and 2) which one, we can crowd source a list here and that would be helpful.

This video shows how a seat attaches to the adapter, but how can I know which seats have the ability to clamp onto a pole like that?

Thanks for the help.