Tire widths for Model E


When it comes time to replace tires on the model E, what is the widest width one can safely put on? Also, are there any kind of "knobby" tires we could use and still be comfortable on roads?
Can't speak to compatibility with your bike, but you might check out the ebike-rated Specialized Crossroads Armadillo. It offers a hybrid tread pattern with side knobs for low rolling resistance on pavement, and the highest puncture resistance Specialized has to offer.

Replaced the stock knobless 27.5" x 2.4" city tires on my Surface 604 V Rook with the 27.5" x 2.3" Crossroads before taking delivery. LBS was very impressed with the tire. Said it weighed MUCH less than stock.

Offroad performance is good so far, but I've only tested it on more packed surfaces. Works fine on packed beach sand, but way too much sinkage in loose, dry sand.

All that said, others here have much more experience with tires than I.
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