Tire changing kit

Look at the Gaadi tube good to help you out, but not on long term, as the quality is not durable.
This is my flat repair kit. Keep it in my water bottle cage at all times:


For long rides, I also load up my backpack/pannier with a mini pump and a 2nd tube.
Last week I had a flat rear and patched while wheel was mounted.
If you don't have to change the tube or tire it is the quickest way.
15 minutes and done.
Consider including a knife (to cut the plastic ties that hold the wires connected to the back tire), wrench (back wheel) and allen tool (front wheel) to remove the wheels, rubber gloves (I always get messy after a tire change) and a few plastic ties to resecure the wires that go to the back tire. Getting a flat is always a pain for me and the stuff you need for a stromer is quite a lot!