Thumb throttle on xp 2.0


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Has anyone installed an amazon Ricetoo thumb throttle on an XP 2.0?
I need to know if the wiring on the
matches the wiring on the XP 2.0
Thanks much.
I tried to do this on a 1.0 and it didn't work (gave error message). The wires, from the SM/waterproof Plug on the thumb drive, i received did not match those on the bike. Hope you have better luck.
I couldn't find anyone on YouTube or elsewhere who described how to install a Wuxing 130x thumb control on an ST 2.0.
So I started by using the instruction I found for the 1.0 and I unplugged the wrist control and connected the thumb control without changing any wires , as the vendor on amazon indicated the wiring is the same. It isn't. I got an error code 008. The new thumb control wires are red, gray and black. I cut the thumb control wire and then soldered each of the red wires to the grays and left the black wire connected to itself.
No error code and the thumb throttle works well. More convenient for me than wrist throttle and less painful, I have arthritis in my hands.
Unfortunately that the thumb throttle is all plastic, very cheaply made.
$8.00 but it works