Thought and concerns, is the Serial 1 Speed right for me?


I currently have a homebuilt e-bike that I use for commuting most days.

I know I want a belt drive. I had one on a bike, that I had converted to a front hub e-bike. That bike is on a long term loan to my sister.
I also know I want an IGH. I had a NuVinci on the bike I have my sister. I have also updated the bike I currently use with a NuVinci.

All done, the bike I am using is close to a class 2 e-bike. I do have a throttle, however, I only use it with strong headwinds, which are common in SW Kansas. The throttle seems to add about 2mph to the torque sensor. Without wind, the bike goes about 20-22 mph being pedalled. Aginst the wind, and using the throttle, I am at about 13-17mph.

I am looking at the Serial 1 Speed. I like:
  • The clean look
  • The belt drive
  • middrive
  • intragrated lights (of course, that goes back to the clean look)
  • The HD branding, I suspect that it will be supported long after some of the pop-op e-bike brands are long gone.
  • Factory racks (of course, that goes back to the clean look)
  • factory fenders
  • Hydraulic brakes. I added them to the bike I gave my sister. I am now entirely sold on them.
  • Different frame sizes, The "one size fits all" approach of most bikes does not fit me at 5'6"

  • in e-bike terms, it is a rather small battery
  • No throttle (getting home on the days that I am hurting, or when I want max power to fight the wind 35+mph is not uncommon.
  • I see reports that people are not able to get the Speed. . . well, up to speed.
  • when I had 27.5 Tyres on my commuter I was unable to find studded, road-oriented, tyres. At this point there are some, but I am still concerned about availability.

I would also like to see:
  • matching pannier, it isn't a must-have, but I would like it for commuting and grocery store stops

My current bike:

The baskets are folding Wald baskets. They are heavy but durable. As you can see, I have also changed the wheel size to 26"
I think its a great bike and hella fun to ride. I just got an email that they are available to ship/sell so i suggest taking a trip to a harley dealer to test drive one. They are fun bikes to ride and one of the things you will appreciate is never having to think about shifting. The Rush/CTY Speed is class 3 so it has the highest top speed. Honestly, I think its one of the best ebikes out there in terms of maintenance requirements and just pick up and go. When I test rode them (both the Mosh and the Rush, no speed) I was hooked!

Also has some gear that works for the bikes and if you check their instagram page, you will see pictures videos of them too. They also said you can email them directly and they will help you out. I believe their rear rack is pretty standard.