The pricing/value of Turbo X priced at $4K compared to other bikes available now?


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I had the opportunity to see and test-ride a Turbo X while I went to a store to test ride a regular Turbo. Unfortunately I got there 15 mins before closing and didn't have lot of time for Q/A.

Why is there such a big price difference between the Turbo X and Turbo? $4K vs $2.5K? I'm either dumb and can't read or I'm not really saying a difference that helps me understand the price difference?

Has this bike been changed since 2015? Is it the same motor and specs from 2 years ago? Compared to some other offerings available these days, I was wondering what would you guys say about the overall "value" of a Turbo X in 2017?
The 2016 Turbo X is NOT the same as the 2015. The 2015 Turbo X was identical to the base Turbo except for the suspension fork. The 2016 has a 250W motor instead of 200W, it has Shimano brakes and derailleur instead of Formula/SRAM. It has a 540Wh bluetooth battery instead of 468Wh "dumb" battery.
As Doug said. It's a much nicer bike than base Turbo or its predecessor. The MB01 motor is nice with more grunt in the mid-range than the 200W/250W would suggest.
Actually, the 2016 Turbo X is pretty much the prior generation Turbo S with suspension fork and slightly larger battery.
Why is there such a big price difference between the Turbo X and Turbo? $4K vs $2.5K?

While not what you were asking about, I'd note that you likely can be getting model close-out sales pricing. The prices you noted were listed on the web site, but my dealer quoted prices of $3K and $2K back in March.
Pretty sure only the 2015 Turbo X is ~$2700 for remaining stock. The 2016 got reduced from $4500 to $4000 not that long ago.