Stromer tires


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I wrote Schwable today to inquire about tires and got the following reply:

"The Big Ben tire which comes as original equipment on your Stromer (26x2.15’’ Snakeskin, Greenguard) is currently not available to buy separately, however that is likely to change fairly soon. If you need a replacement immediately I would still recommend the Big Ben 26x2.15 with our Race Guard puncture protection, this tire is rated for fast e-bike use."

I simply thought I would share this with folks on the forum.
Good info. So you can't order tires from the stormer dealer you bought the bike from. I think my st2 rear could use a replacement in the next 200 miles or so. Ant time frame on the OEM tires?
Thank Smitty for Scwhalbe Big Bens with green guard update. I liked those a lot on the St2 OEMs hoops.