ST2 in lock mode


Hi everyone I just got my st2 today and totally love it and all the tech!

Do you guys know if the battery depletes significantly if I leave the bike in lock mode for a long time, 8hrs+? I noticed the led light blinking but assume that blinking stops eventually?

What if I lock the bike then turn the power off on the control panel. Is it still in lock mode meaning when I turn the power back on I have to enter the pin?

It seems like when the st2 is in lock mode, it is always on, and doesn't enter sleep mode, true? Thanks!
When locked, the light blinks for about 5 minutes. I find lock mode uses some battery. Not a lot but some.
The advantage of the "lock" mode is that it enables the GPS for the bike's location as well as providing for a text message from Stromer if the bike is moved very far. Once you put the bike in lock mode by selection from the control panel, your are done; no need to then turn off the bike. Yes, you will have to enter the pin whenever you next turn on the bike, OR unlock it via the omni app from your phone. I generally simply type in the pin code (note that you cannot use repeatable digits in the code). Should you accidentally move the bike while it is in lock mode, you will need to use the omni app to restart it or contact Stromer to get it out of the "stolen" mode. Been there, done works fine using the omni app, but it took me a bit to figure out just how...
That's great info thanks! The only issue I have is the bike is usually parked in an underground garage where there is no cell or gps connection. It's unfortunate I can't get those benefits when in lock mode. I suppose if someone cut the lock and got the bike outside the lock mode would kick in???

Is there any real noticeable batt impact in lock mode or is it pretty minor? I wonder also if the bike is in lock mode underground the batt is depleted faster. Like a cell phone out of range continuously trying to search for service, really taxes the battery. I wonder if our stromer is the same way when "out of cell and gps" range?