speedo cuts off at 35mph?


First off this has been a great first year of my Jumper. We have taken our Jet and the Jumper all around SoCal and I have been riding it every day , 5 miles one way, to work with little if and issues.
Last weekend we headed up to Mammoth Lakes, asked a sales girl at a local E Bike store of the best place to ride in the area. She told us to ride up to Horseshoe Lake and the ride down is a rush. I asked her about the tram that takes bikers up and she replied.."You have an E Bike, ride up there" ..She was so right.
So heres what I discovered,... coming down seemed like we were traveling too fast for the amount of walkers on the path so about halfway down were hit the road. At exactly 35 mph the display screen goes blank. now I know that its not a concern but is that what the display should do? ...and it was a rush