Hello from S. Texas


Currently studying all information I can get my hands on to make a good choice/ selection for my first e-bike. I’m an old guy and will be asking questions, opinions, and help if possible. I am going to purchase (2) folding step through e-bikes, one for me one for my wife. We currently ride Towne Electra conventional bikes. We require e- bikes to help to venture out farther and ability to fold up to load both in my small van to go to other/ farther parks/ trails/ etc. As of now I think I’ve narrowed down to (2) choices. The Aventon Sinch and the Lectric XP 3.0. So for staters anyone with these models - I would appreciate any feed back. Thanks.
Ok FWIW I did looks at some similar past threads on this forum. However I know things change all the time. My main concern is small wheels w/ fat tires, folding, step through, bike and battery certifications. I can lift 70 lbs ok, I’ve seen easier ways to load in back of a vehicle. Our e-bike purchases will be in a couple months
Hub drives do like smaller wheels, I think the 20 inch fat tires are just enough to cope with off-road while providing the gearing for strong climbing ability.

Hang on, does Texas have hills? 😂
Yes, lots of beautiful and steep hills-when I lived by NB TX, but not much now that I live close to the Coast. However we do have lots and lots of trails including Hike & Bike trails at/by/in parks most maintained by the city. Also many trails linked so you can spend all day and not repeat any paths.
If you dont have any seriously steep trails, then hub is fine, the only major drawback is repairing rear punctures.

I would practice it before venturing out.