Soon to be an E bike rider

Martin Ismail

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Hi everyone I’m Sol from London and I recently backed a project on the crowd funding site Indiegogo you’ve all probably heard of it, it’s for the Mate E bike. Has anyone on the forum also purchased this bike.
Hey Sol!

Congrats on backing an Indiegogo project! I recently backed a Indiegog project myself (inergy Kodiak solar generator, which I plan to use to charge up my eBike, so I can use my eBike with the power of the sun rather than fossil fuels! lol)

As for the Mate E bike, looks pretty cool! I actually just got my first eBike that is very similar haha, I ended up getting the EZ Pedaler X350, a bike that Court has reviewed on this site. or for his youtube review

The more research you do on eBikes you will find many eBikes using similar molds and parts etc, but the Mate looks pretty cool, it might look the same as my bike but it definitely has some differences and some of the differences are cool and wish I had on my eBike like the back suspension for one haha.

As an early adopter for this company looks like you are getting some great deals too!

I look forward to hearing your reviews on your bike, hopefully you get it sooner rather than later, when I went through indiegogo for my solar generator it did take a long time to get it, but I went into it expecting that since it was a kickstarter program, but that will be different per company, so hopefully you get it soon!

Take care and ride safe!
Marc V