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Hi everyone, just joined the Forum, My name is Pete, I'm 75, and I live in Sheffield, just on the edge of the beautiful Peak District, which is where I do most of my riding. I have a couple of Genesis Croix de Fer bikes one of which I bought as standard ( but hated the drops so changed them for flats) and one that I built up from scratch as a trekking bike, with a 3 x 10 setup.

Recently bought a Kona Dew E electric bike, done 1200 miles in the first couple of months, and I can't fault it, much lighter than the majority of E bikes, and with the 650 x 47 smooth tyres, runs very smoothly.

My only niggles are the Shimano 7100 display, which is worse than useless, why oh why didn't they use an lcd display like the Bosch or Cateye? totally impossible to see in bright daylight.

As the Shimano E-Tube app for smartphone is a good alternative, and shows a lot more info, it's a pity they didn't put a USB socket either on the battery or display ( my previous Bafang setup had both!) I'll probably fit one from the 12v supply to the headlight, as there's plenty of spare capacity of power available.

As with most lo/med price E bikes, the Dew E comes with fairly low end components, Deore brakes, and Alvio 9 speed Gears. Having said that, they perform equally as well as the XT setups that I have on other bikes, and I have no complaints what so ever!

However I think I'll upgrade to an 11 speed XT rear cassette and derailleur, and change the chainring ( which will accommodate 9,10 or 11 speeds) from 38 to 44 as I "spin out" at 30mph with the current setup, and there are lots of lovely long decents in the Peak District. Possibly change the brakes/rotors for M8000 or M8100 as well. This will give me a much better spec, than many bikes costing £1000 more than I paid for the Kona.

I'd be interested to hear from anyone who might have done similar with a Shimano E6100 motor.
Best regards