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Are Pedego tires pre-slimed? I'm not even 100% sure what that means as I haven't done a whole ton of research, but it sounds like a treatment that auto-seals tiny holes in the tire.

Has anyone used slime? Does it work?

Thanks -- Barbara
Yes, Pedego bike tires all come pre-slimed. If the puncture is not too big, you can usually spin the tire and add some air and the tire will self-seal -- at least enough to get you home. You can buy replacement tubes online. Slime sells a super-think 26" tube that I'd recommend if/when you actually get a flat.

I'd also heartily recommend good tire liners if you have an aversion to flat tires.
As Mr. Coffee mentioned, they're slimed. It didn't help me with my first flat. While riding on a gravel road I ran over a sharp piece of metal which flattened my rear tire in seconds.
The puncture was to large for the slime to prevent a total air loss.
After my second flat (on the rear again, but no slime) I've switched to Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires, which have a much thicker tread liner and sidewall.
I'll say again, I am a huge fan of tire liners (Mister Tuffy and Rhinodillo are well-known brands). But with a few caveats.

The sharp edge at the ends of the tire liner can actually cut your tube. Less likely but still possible is that the tube will be pinched between the tire and the edge of the tire liner. Both of these will cause flats in short order. As the tire liner ages it can dry out and crack, also produces sharp edges that can cut your tube.

The upshot of this is that (1) you need to be damned careful installing tire liners (and might just want to pay your bike shop to do it), and (2) once a year you ought to remove your tires and inspect your tire liners, and replace them if they are starting to show cracks.
The tread liner on the Marathons are built in to the tire's carcass, so there isn't an edge. That's the main reason I went with this tire.
My daughter got a pinch flat, due to running over a pothole with under-inflated tires. The slime didn't help in that instance.
Sure, but if you bring it to my shop to fix, I'll charge double for the mess!

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