Rockstar - Does anyone fast charge?


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I tried getting a 5amp charger for my Rockstar and it did not work - it seems like the BMS is rejecting it based on amperage or brand. Does anyone know more about this subject? Are we doomed to 3amp charging for life?
Did you get a Rockstar specific charger from Sondors?
Did you get a Rockstar specific charger from Sondors?

Yes of course I have the stock 3amp charger. The Luna charger you've linked is not specific to the Rockstar - have you tried it?

My question to the group is if anyone has been able to charge using other chargers and slightly higher amperage.
Yes Aliexpress has tons. But the issue is that the bike has a BMS which rejects other chargers (from what I've seen). Anyone know about this?
I would email Sonders and ask them that question- Is there a faster charger on the market I can use with my Rockstar and not void my warranty?
I seriously doubt any company would answer 'yes' to that question. Just for starters, fast charging generates heat and heat is the sworn enemy of li ion battery packs. Thats the thing about fast charging on any EVB including autos: It gets you on the road faster but the cost is to the longevity of your pack.

Looking at the adapter linked above... is that telling us the Rockstar has a barrel plug on the battery? If so the safety limit on those plugs is commonly considered to be about 3a. I've heard a limit of 3.5a.

Also there's the reliability of aftermarket chargers. I've seen Eric Hicks himself state he has tons of trouble getting those Luna chargers that are supplied to him to have an acceptable level of reliability. Two of the three failures I experienced on chargers were theirs. And to their credit they shipped me replacements promptly. What was the failure? The charger stopped regulating its peak charge voltage. So I had it set to 80% on a 52v battery, which should be 55.4v. I came down to the garage and it was at 59.5v... Thats right... a 100% charge is 58.8v so really glad I went down and caught it when I did. On the other one, I caught its failure to stop at 80% well before a safety issue occurred, but it still stopped knowing when to call it a day.

As an FYI for reliability this is where I went and no failures of these in 2x daily charging in the years since.

I would email Sonders and ask them that question- Is there a faster charger on the market I can use with my Rockstar and not void my warranty?
Sondors will not approve anything like this I am sure. But I am not concerned about my warranty and I'm aware of the risks, I have multiple PEVs. I suspect if you take the type of batteries being used, and the size of the batteries in total, the math will show it is capable of safely charging faster than 3amps.

However, I suspect the BMS is blocking anything over 3 amps, or it is somehow blocking certain types of chargers, and that's what I'm hoping to get some more info about from other riders who have knowledge in this area - if there are any. Anyone know what type of BMS it is, and if it is imposing limits?
Im in UK just purchased my first e bike from Germany BUT i had to send away for a adapter as only had one whuch was for 1amp charger
and 1 amp not near strong enough .

And so i sent away via Ebay for a 5 Amp Adapter to UK this was so as i can use a Eu plug in the UK is as said a 5amp adapter
though i waited few days for its arrival to me which arrived today Thursday 23rd June 2022 and ive not long ago just
fired up fully the battery , so at its ready for my next ride away .

Actually a guy said to me via facebook that he uses a 6 amp why i sent for 5 amp and battery is brand new
came with 2 x green bars and so was partly charged , i just today as said charged battery up fully with 5amp plus
which came today . I keep battery in house and bike in shed .
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