RockShox Reverb.


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This is a modification that has been long overdue.

I currently have the bike pulled down to give it a long overdue nut and bolt rebuild/service, and decided that whilst the motor is out, that I'd carry out two modifications.
The first one being the fitting of a RockShox Stealth Reverb, chosen over other models because of it's internal routing, hydraulic operation, and SRAM are very close to me, should I need any advice/help or spares.

Due to the tight bend at the bottom bracket/motor end of the seat tube, I had my doubts about whether the internal routing was going to work. When it came to it though, the bend was no where near as tight as I had expected, and was actually very smooth and gentle.
I opted to buy a right hand remote switch, but fitted it on the left hand side, so that the switch is under the handle bar out of harms way, and it also felt a more natural position for use.

I also carried out a second modification, which is related to the Bosch system.
I ditched Nyon a long time ago, and have been running Intuvia using the Nyon wiring. I figured that whilst I have the motor out, I might just as well install the full Intuvia system, so switched the wiring over as well.

Reverb 2.jpg

remote 1.jpg seat 1.jpg