Rize RX vs Ride1Up Prodigy vs Juiced CrossCurrent X (smoothest cadence sensor ride?)


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I currently have a Juiced Cross Current X but the controller is bad and Ive not been able to find one for over a year through Juiced.

In the interim, I bought a Surly Troll that had a bafang mid drive (no cadence sensor) and I dont like how it rides. Too much like a moped. Also, the Surly Troll is a large frame, which is too small for me (Im 6'3 280lbs) so I need to sell it.

Im looking for something that will provide a smooth bike ride experience but will still handle my weight. The juiced cross current torque sensor was good and I enjoyed the ride experience but the 750W rear motor was at its peak with my weight in the 20 mile round trip commute in my NC town. It was doable, but part of why I tried the Bafang was to try a mid drive, hoping to allow for greater hill climbing ability.

Im looking to take advantage of a black friday deal and looking at one of the following. I know they are all different but just looking to get back out there on the bike with a smooth torque sensor bike ride experience.

1) Another Juiced CrossCurrent X 750w rear hub 90nm- $1800
2) Ride1up Prodigy Brose mid 90nm - $2145
3) Rize RX Bafang 1000w 160nm - $2699

Thoughts? Other suggestions?
Interesting Diamondback Current Gravel bike drop bars 85nm Bosch mid drive $2870. Only available in 58cm frame though....too small
However, the Union 1 is. available in XL for $1750. same 85nm Bosch mid drive looks like a steal except for Bosch PowerTube 400 battery feels way too small
purchased juiced crosscurrent s for $1199 as I liked the torque sensor / ride of the CCX & it was cheap. can swap rack/tires from CCX if needed and use the CCX battery as a backup. Not the mid drive I wanted, but until I can determine the smoothness of the torque sensor of the Ultra in the Rize RX, this plan will have to suffice.

Thanks to all who commented...